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Ashlee Cameron -Accountant


Ashlee joined Smith Feutrill in 2017 as an Accountant whilst finishing her Bachelors of Business majoring in Accounting at RMIT University. Ashlee plans to further her career in the Accounting industry and start her CA program once completing her degree. Ashlee is a dog lover and in love with Golden Retrievers and when she is not in the office or with her head in the books she dedicates her remaining time to her puppy Mia.

 Chris Rajapakse – Senior Accountant, CPA

Chris joined Smith Feutrill in November 2017 and has completed his CPA Program and has a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University.

Damien Loh – Senior Accountant, B.Bus


Damien has recently completed studying Business at Monash University whilst working part time at Smith Feutrill as a cadet.  Damien is another proud Whitefriars Alumni having joined in November 2012 and has started full time employment at the end of 2014.  Damien is currently enrolled in the Chartered Accountants Program to further his development.

Darby McCallum – Accountant, B.Bus (Accounting)

Darby joined Smith Feutrill in January 2017 after graduating from RMIT in 2016. Originally from Bairnsdale, Darby moved to Melbourne in 2011 to complete his studies.  Darby is a keen footballer, however is yet to make his mark in Melbourne.  He was voted ‘Umpire of the Year’ for the East Gippsland Football Netball Leage in 2009 (he only umpired that year). Darby is looking to start his CA in the not too distant future.

 Dev Seetaloa – Accountant

Dev joined Smith Feutrill in November 2017 and has completed his Bachelor of Business at Victoria University. He is also a keen soccer player.

Jenny Dahanayake – Accountant, B.Com (Accounting)

Jenny graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2015 and is currently enrolled in the CPA Program to further her development.  Jenny moved to Sydney in 2012 from Sri Lanka, and now enjoys living in the most liveable city in the world.  Jenny is part of an oriental dancing troupe and loves playing netball whenever she manages to round up enough players!

 Jessica Gleeson – Accountant

Jessica joined Smith Feutrill in December 2017 and is completing her CPA Program.

 Liam Smith – Cadet Accountant

Liam is currently studying at Deakin University and working part-time at Smith Feutrill as a cadet.

Lauren Devlin – Accountant, B.Bus


Lauren graduated with a Bachelor of Business and entered the real estate industry for a number of years selling property.  In February 2014, Lauren joined Smith Feutrill’s Real Estate Services team as a Trust Accountant.  She is now broadening her skills working on SMSF’s and tax for Small Medium Entities and Individuals.  She is currently nearing the completion of her CPA qualifications.

 Martha Read – Accountant

Martha joined Smith Feutrill in November 2017 and is currently completing her CA program. Martha has a Masters of Management from Melbourne University as well as a Bachelor of Classical Music from the University of New Zealand School of Music. Martha is an accomplished Cello player and a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Michael Cooper – Accountant, B.Bus


Michael joined Smith Feutrill in February 2014 as a part-time cadet whilst studying Commerce at Deakin University, which he has since completed.  He started full time employment at the end of 2014 is currently enrolled in the CA Program to further his development.

 Nick Ligdopoulos – Accountant

Nick joined Smith Feutrill in December 2017.

Vivienne Isaac – Senior Accountant


Vivienne has worked for Smith Feutrill since 2009 and predecessor firms for 30 years and brings a wealth of experience to the accounting team.

Winston Cawood – Accountant, B.Com

Winston is currently working part-time at Smith Feutrill as a cadet.

Other team members at Smith Feutrill: