19 February, 2024
Closing The Gap Gender Superannuation

Closing The Gap: Gender & Superannuation

There exists a persistent and concerning gender gap in superannuation. Women often find themselves disadvantaged compared to their male counterparts when building wealth for their golden […]
12 February, 2024
Explaining The New Reporting Regime For The Sharing Economy

Explaining The New Reporting Regime For The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy Reporting Regime (SERR) represents a significant development in Australia’s tax landscape, requiring certain businesses operating in the sharing economy to report specific transactions […]
5 February, 2024
Crafting Your Own New Years Business Resolution In

Crafting Your Own New Year’s Business Resolution In 2024

With business operations underway, a new calendar year presents a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs and business professionals to reflect on the past and set the stage […]
29 January, 2024
How The Small Business CGT Concessions Could Boost Your Super

How The Small Business CGT Concessions Could Boost Your Super

As a small business owner gearing up for retirement, selling your business can be a strategic move to give your nest egg that final boost. However, […]
22 January, 2024
Understanding Non Assessable Non Exempt NANE Income Through Disaster Grants

Understanding Non-Assessable Non-Exempt (NANE) Income Through Disaster Grants

The recent spate of extreme weather events during the summer in various parts of Australia has presented unprecedented challenges for small businesses. As a result, the […]
18 December, 2023
Chasing Up End Of Year Invoices

Chasing Up End Of Year Invoices

As the calendar year draws to a close, businesses often find themselves in a familiar but often challenging position – chasing invoices. A healthy cash flow […]
11 December, 2023
Land Tax

Land Tax Changes

As part of its “COVID Debt Repayment Plan”, the Victorian Government announced a range of land tax increases which will apply for a 10-year period starting […]
11 December, 2023
Rightsizing Your Lifestyle The Art of Property Downsizing

Rightsizing Your Lifestyle: The Art of Property Downsizing

As retirees embrace a new phase in their lives, the concept of property downsizing is gaining momentum as a strategic and rewarding financial move. Downsizing isn’t […]
4 December, 2023
Unlocking the Secrets of Deductions A Holiday Home Owners Essential Checklist

Unlocking the Secrets of Deductions: A Holiday Home Owners’ Essential Checklist

It’s essential for property owners to understand the intricacies of deductions associated with their cherished holiday retreats. However, as the holiday season approaches, they may find […]
20 September, 2023

Smith Feutrill Announcement – Promotions

It is with great pleasure that Fab, Greg and Kris announce the following appointments effective 1 August 2023. Andy Watson – Director Fab, Greg and Kris […]