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Managers & Supervisors

Alex Marcello – Supervisor, B.Com, CA


Alex joined Smith Feutrill in February 2011 as a cadet whilst completing a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University. Alex commenced full time employment in 2014 and successfully completed the Chartered Accounting in December 2016. A passionate sports fan, Alex is heavily involved with the Whitefriars Football Club and dreams of being involved in a premiership within the next few years.  Alex and was promoted to Supervisor in August 2017.

Andrew Watson – Manager, BCom, CA

Andy-240x300Andy has been a part of the Smith Feutrill team (and predecessor firms) since January 2007, while still completing his Commerce Degree.  He is a Chartered Accountant, with a particular focus for working closely with clients offering business, structuring and taxation advisory.  In addition to this, Andy specialises in Property Development and Investment advisory for many of the firm’s clients.  Away from work, Andy is a keen basketballer, amateur food critic, passionate Essendon Bombers supporter and fills his spare time by playing with his two miniature sausage dogs, Hamish and Snickers.

Anthony Gibbs – Manager, BCom, CA

Anthony-240x300Anthony joined Smith Feutrill in January 2010 and has over two years experience from another mid-tier accounting firm. A graduate from Monash University, Anthony is a Chartered Accountant who has progressed from Accountant to Senior Accountant to Supervisor and was promoted to Manager in August 2015.

Diane Tate – General Manager

After completing her scholarship funded Bachelor of Commerce in India, Diane worked for Malaysian Airlines and Bank of America and then migrated to Australia in 1989. Her 30+ years in the workforce has seen her in various roles spanning 3 continents.  Her first job in Australia was in Parliament House and its any wonder she decided to change direction and work in Asset Management, before branching off into Banking, Management Consulting and eventually Tax Accounting. Whilst working as Practice Manager a few years ago, Diane put herself through carpentry school at Holmesglen after work. She prides herself on renovating a modest beach house into a modern holiday escape only to have her son and his friends try to destroy it!

Helen Zitis – Manager, BM BA CPA

Helen-240x300Helen is a CPA and manager with over 20 years experience in the accounting industry.  Working with a large range of clients, predominately with small businesses, Helen has a broad knowledge of compliance accounting and taxation, as well as advisory services.

Kris Necovski – Manager, BBus, CPA

Kris-240x300Kris began working with Greg Feutrill at Commercial Advisory Group in September 2003. During 2004-2006, he combined full time work with studying for his CPA, which was successfully completed in November 2006. With solid experience in previous roles as a Senior and then Supervisor, Kris was promoted to Manager in July 2011.

Leanne Necovski – Manager, BBus(Acc), CA

Leanne-240x300Leanne is a Chartered Accountant who joined Smith Feutrill and predecessor firms in 2007.  Leanne is a dedicated team member who demonstrates strong technical abilities and is committed to developing strong client relationships. Leanne was promoted to Manager in August 2015.

Linda Dimoski – Supervisor, B.Bus, CPA

LindaLinda joined Smith Feutrill in January 2010 taking a year off studying a Bachelor of Business (Accounting/Banking and Finance) at Victoria University to gain some full-time work experience relevant to her study. Linda recently completed the CPA Program and was promoted to Senior Accountant in July 2014 and Supervisor in August 2016.

Peter Bennett – Manager, BBus CA

Pete-240x300Pete is a Chartered Accountant and Senior Manager with over 25 years experience working with mid tier accounting firms. His specialties include salary packaging, Superannuation, Winforecast budgeting and working with larger corporate clients and Subsidiaries of Overseas Companies.

Other team members at Smith Feutrill: